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Family First Night Ends April 26th

*Dinner @5:15

*Music and Lesson 6-7pm

Elementary Performance with Praise Band May 7th @ 9:30am

Last Practice Wednesday May 3rd @5:15-6:00pm

Camp with Scholarships (Talk to Pastor Beth)

Family Camp June 15-18th

Teen Camp(s) June 11-16th, July 15-21st

VBS July 17-21st (Melissa Krieger)

Serving Opportunities

Mobile Food Drive (Talk to Cheryl Thomas) Every Other Month

+April 29th 9-11am @Mattoon Food Center (Grades 7-12) FAM

+May 20th 9-11am @McDonalds *Mattoon Lakeland Blv

*Highway Cleanup (Grades 7-12) FAM

+ June 11-17th Tennessee Mission Trip (Grades 7-12) 

*Registration Ends May 21st

+June 23-30th International Honduras Teen Mission Trip

+July 17-21st Evenings VBS Volunteer (Grades 7-12)

+July 29th 9-11am @Matoon Food Center (Grades 1-12) FAM

More TBD Please Check the Bulletin or Facebook for Updates

Current Series

This year we will be going through a series called grace in gratitude. This study will help equip your students to understand exactly what it means to live as a follower of Christ.

We are also doing a game series called Romans and Christians doing a reenactment of the scriptures.